SEO For Dental Practices

Ranker Higher – Convert More Leads – Gain More Customers

Are you looking to bring in more customers to your dental practice? When people look for a dentist in your area, do you want your practice to come up first?

Of the many marketing methods dental practices have available the most cost effective and successful is internet marketing. But, just having a website does not mean people will see it. For your site to truly be successful at generating new business, it must be seen, not just exist. That is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into play.

The best dental website is only useful if people in your local area can find it at the top of Google! Let us help. Email us for a free review of your site.

What Can SEO Do For Dental Practitioners?

Nowadays, 8 out of 10 people turn to the internet to find health professionals, including dentists. Even if your practice has a website that is not enough to bring new customers to your practice. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of building and promoting a website so as to make it rank higher on search engine results.

Ask yourself, when searching for a service professional, how far down the list of results do you go before you click on one? Likely, you have never made it past the first page of results from Google. The same will be true of your potential clients. If you are not near the top of the results, you may as well not exist! Your potential clients will likely never get that far before picking one of your competitors.

How Ayres SEO Can Help Bring New Customers To Your Dental Practice

We begin by conducting a review of your current site and gathering information about its current performance in search engines for your key search terms. (Don’t have a site yet? Thats no problem, we offer affordable packages for building custom websites.)

Afterwards, we will develop a strategy that focuses on getting the most profit out of your investment. Our goal is to make you more money than you have to pay us!

Usually, our strategy will involve a mix of many things, but primary attention is paid to the following:

  • Increasing Search Rankings, Especially Local Results – Get you ranking higher when someone in your area searches for dental practitioners.
  • Improving Conversion Rates – Improve copywriting and listings for your service so that a higher percentage of people who see your listing click through to your site.
  • Building and Managing Your Online Reputation – Positive reviews and recommendations from previous patients motivate others to use your services, while negative ones can keep them away. Using Facebook, Yelp, and other social media sites we work to ensure your online reputation is positive and drives people to your services.

Additionally, in some cases we find that paid advertising, or Pay Per Click (PPC) is very effective method for acquiring new business. PPC have the advantage of letting you directly control how much you are willing to pay to acquire new customers as you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. This means PPC allows you to easily track your return on investment and adjust it accordingly.

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Been Burned By SEO Firms Before?

You may say: “But I have been burned before by SEO firms claiming they will get me results, but after spending thousands on their services I saw no difference.”

We agree that many SEO firms out there are less than successful at achieving what they promise. Some are even downright deceptive in their marketing, overcharge for subpar service, or just do not have the ability to deliver.

At Ayres SEO we do things according to best industry practice. We will never do any unethical (i.e. black hat SEO) that could damage your online reputation or get you banned by Google in the future.

Additionally, we structure out pricing with the concept that you should not have to pay us if we do not deliver results for you. With that in mind, you need not worry, if you do not see improvement in your site’s performance, you do not have to worry about paying us.