Our SEO Services

Small businesses need to get their products and services in front of motivated potential clients in order to succeed. Internet marketing by means of SEO is the most economical and effective method for small businesses to do so.

Search engine optimization or SEO results in more visitors seeing your website. If no one can find you online, then no one can benefit from your products and services. SEO brings many more benefits including:

  • Increase relevant traffic to your website; get more people you actually want coming to your site
  • Convert more casual visitors that reach your site from search engines to profitable visitors
  • Increase brand awareness and improve reputation
  • Easier to use website
  • Better website performance

Basic Starter Package

Build a good SEO foundation for your site to succeed
  • Website Analysis, Keyword Research (10 Keywords) & SEO Strategy
  • Website Architecture and Coding Optimization
  • Google Analytics Setup (Includes Webmaster Tools, and email clients)
  • Link Building Campaign
  • Content Marketing Campaign Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Local SEO (If applicable)
  • Email Support & Phone Support*
  • 20 hours dedicated account management per month
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Basic Continuing SEO

Ongoing SEO is essential to obtain #1 on Google. Our Basic package has what you need to meet your goals
  • Website Analysis, Keyword Research (10 Keywords) & SEO Strategy
  • Competition Analysis, Ranking Check, Duplicate Content
  • On-Page Optimization (Meta Tags Optimization, Content Optimization, HTML, Sitemaps, Robots.txt, etc., Navigation, Internal Linking, Anchortext, Crawl Errors, etc.)
  • Off-Page optimization (Content Marketing, Content Generation, Link Building, Social Media Account Creation and Management, Directory Submissions, etc.)
  • Reporting and Support
  • Monthly Ranking, Traffic and Work Reports
  • 24/7 Support Via Email or Phone
  • 20 Hours of Dedicated Account Management Per Month
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What Our SEO Packages Include

By having Ayres SEO manage your SEO efforts, it frees you to focus on your business while leaving the search engine optimization work to us.

Ayres SEO tailors all our packages to meet the goals, needs and budget of each individual client. As such, our packages are a combination of the following strategies and tactics. Each website /business is different, and accordingly for some of our clients we focus more on certain areas than others.

By selecting one of our SEO Management service packages, we will handle all aspects of your site’s search engine marketing including:

Website Analysis, Keyword Research & SEO Strategy

First, we discuss with you the purpose and goals for your website. Second, we review and analyze your site’s content and structure to determine what are its strengths and deficiencies regarding SEO. Third, we conduct market research and analyze your competitors followed by thorough research of potential keywords for your site, identifying keywords your target audience actually use and can benefit you the most while also prioritizing those with low competition and high potential for winning. Fourth, we develop a strategy to make use of your company’s strengths to result in the best return on investment for you.

Keyword research is the most important part of a successful SEO strategy. We go beyond just targeting the most obvious keywords (often highly competitive) and locate less competitive keywords that offer a higher change of success in the short term, providing a rapid return on investment. We also research what keywords and phrases your target audience is actually using, ensuring more relevant and profitable traffic finds your site. Our thorough keyword analysis includes identifying new opportunities as well as identifying current top performing keywords.

With our basic package, together we will select the 10 best keywords for your campaign. With the deluxe package, that number increases to 20 keywords.

Website Architecture and Coding Optimization

Even if your site looks great it could have hidden problems in its coding or architecture that is preventing it from ranking well. We review your site’s HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. coding to ensure compliance with industry best practice and search engine guidelines. This includes implementing optimized Meta tags, headings structure, removal of unnecessary code that slows down page speed, web accessibility attributes, markup data, and more.

Then we review your site’s page architecture and links to ensure search engine spiders can easily crawl and index it. We check for broken links, canonical errors, robots.txt and .htaccess files, xml sitemaps, and other impediments to getting your site ranked. Finally, we present recommendations for improving internal linking hierarchy, URL configuration to improve brand authority and rankings.

Link Building

For better or worse, the most important factor for ranking is your site’s link profile. Search engines judge your popularity not just by the number of websites linking to you, but also the quality of websites linking to your website. Links from sites with related content and high quality sites are invaluable, while links from low-quality sites can actually harm your rankings. Our link building strategy involves developing your site in such a way that naturally it attracts links and then we supplement that with selective manual link building tactics while never resorting to “Black-hat” or “Grey-hat” tactics that result in penalties from search engines.

Content Marketing

Generate new and exciting content for your visitors to improve your conversion rate and search rankings. Promoting sites that regularly produce exceptionally useful content is the stated goal of Google and other search engines. Further, you will not rank for keywords that you do not use on the pages of your site. We will work with you to develop content such as articles, sales copy, blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, videos, photos, and other content that your visitors will find useful and that search engines will reward you for producing.

Reputation Management

Bad reviews, negative publicity, or lacking social media activity all reflect poorly on your business, and will drive potential customers away. Let us help you build a positive online reputation by managing your social media profiles, encouraging positive reviews and minimizing negative reviews.

Social Media Campaign Management

One of the best ways to engage your target audience and incite natural link generation, social media activity is essential for any business seeking online success today. Every business can benefit from social media to some extent. We identify the most relevant social networks and then devise a strategy to engage your audience while stimulating natural link generation. The key is identifying the right social media platform(s) for your business, whether Facebook and Twitter, or more niche ones like Yelp, LinkedIn, and other industry specific platforms.

Conversion Rate Optimization

All the visitors in the world will mean nothing if your site does not convert them into paid customers. Many other SEO firms focus solely on increasing rankings for just one or two keywords, even if they are not the most profitable. In contrast, we keep our eyes on the big picture and plan for generating profit for your business. Conversion optimization may include tweaking your site’s design, copywriting, or landing page optimization.

Local SEO (If applicable)

Optimization for improving performance in local results on both desktop and mobile searches. (What are Local Search Results and Local SEO? INSERT LINK) Includes creating and managing local listings on major search engines (Google+ Local, Bing Local, etc.), local specific search engines (Yelp, AngiesList, ServiceMagic, etc.) , listing on local business directories and optimizing Google+ Local and Bing Local listings with photos, videos, and SEO content, and implementing proper html coding for address and contact information on site to ensure accurate indexing by search engines.

Dedicated Account Management

Depending on the package you select, your will receive a dedicated account manager, who will allocate their allotted time each month to accomplishing the most important tasks for your campaign. By carefully examining your site’s strengths and weaknesses, your account manager will focus on what your site needs the most, and not waste time on unnecessary tasks.

Currently, our basic package comes with 20 hours each month for your dedicated account management. With our deluxe package this increases to 30 hours per month.

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SEO Package Pricing

We will customize any of our SEO packages to meet your requirements. Our standard packages we offer include the following:

Complete Search Engine Optimization – Starting at $450.00 USD

Includes research (full site audit, keyword research, competition analysis, etc), technical optimization (link architecture, coding, keyword use, title and description tags, photo/video optimization, etc.), content optimization (copywriting, keyword density, anchortext, etc.), conversion rate optimization, social media and local listing account setup and directory submissions.

Do our main packages not fit your needs? Let us know and we will be happy to craft you a custom SEO Starter Package.

Continuing SEO Management – Starting at $495.00 per month

Continuing SEO management to improve rankings over time. Includes link building, social media management, content generation, conversion improvement, reputation management, and more.

Do our main packages not fit your needs? Let us know and we will be happy to craft you a custom Continuing SEO Management Package.

Website SEO Audit – Free! Limited Time Offer

We thoroughly review your website, social media accounts and search engine rankings and evaluate your current SEO/marketing strategy and determine where you can make improvements. We provide this service FREE OF CHARGE (Normally $495.00 value)

SEO Training – Contact us for rates!

If you would rather have your own in-house people handle the majority of your SEO, we offer training and strategic guidance in the latest and most effective SEO tactics. If you already have the manpower, then let us work with your people to get even more done and accelerate and sharpen your marketing efforts.