Industrial SEO Case Study –

One of our best SEO success stories is a company called When we took over running their online marketing, we faced some enormous challenges:

  • We would have to conduct an SEO campaign in a highly specialized technical niche
  • Many common SEO tactics could not be used due to the specialized nature of the target market (few potential link targets, extremely small monthly search volumes, etc.)
  • The target market is one that has lagged behind in adapting to use the internet as such SEO needed to work hand in hand with more traditional marketing methods
  • Do so with an incredibly modest budget 
  • Compete against large established brands, including General Electric (#6 on Fortune 100) as our primary competitor.
  • We also were required to become in-house experts on industrial dust collection systems just so we could write the simplest of content for our audience.

In time, we was able to secure guest posts on several science and environmental technology and engineering blogs, and a regular column in Air Pollution Control Magazine. We also began promoting our articles on LinkedIn with other industry experts, and began using newsletters and exclusive content such as whitepapers, and troubleshooting guides to provide value to our visitors and customers. Further, we oversaw the complete transition of the website from static HTML to WordPress, and ran the SEO optimization of the site afterwards.

Over the last 5 years, we have succeeded in ranking #1 for our main keyword along with over nearly 10 others, and we rank in the top 10 for another 20. Additionally, is now recognized as the leading online resource in the industry. You can read about my early experiences on the most popular and one of the most successful blogging sites ProBlogger: How I Took The Hardest Niche and Owned it – Dominick DalSanto

As recounted by Dominick DalSanto – Ayres SEO


Are You a Company with a Limited Target Audience?

Many SEO companies do not have the knowledge or experience working in highly technical, narrowly-focused  industries as we do. They don’t have what it takes to write intelligent content for engineers, or they do not understand how to find and connect with others in such in a small field. At Ayres SEO we understand these challenges and we have overcame them time and again.

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