About Ayres SEO

Ayres SEO is all about helping the overlooked and unconventional websites that want to perform better and produce more for their owners. Even with so many SEOs out there, there are many industries and niches that are completely overlooked or ignored by traditional SEOs.

My Personal ExperienceHeadshot of Dominick Dal Santo - Ayres SEO

Several years ago I was working for a company dealing with industrial dust collection products and services. I was tasked with driving more leads to our company by improving our website. At the time I knew nothing about SEO or internet marketing in general. But as I started learning little by little, I realized that few of the thousands of SEOs out there could even help me. Many of their optimization tactics would do little to benefit us in our unique market (e.g. industrial engineers do not check their twitter feed during the day looking for industrial products).

While I eventually found success in promoting our site (we came to outrank even Fortune 100 companies like General Electric) I began to see where there were many out there who could benefit from my knowledge of promoting unconventional topics and niches. (read about my experience here at Problogger)

Thus, I broke away and decided to start my own SEO firm and today Ayres SEO is here to help you.

Who Can We Help

From industrial companies looking to promote their products and services to other business, to small independent contractor types looking to get more calls for carpet cleaning we can help anyone who does not fit into the normal demographic targeted by other SEOs.

Send us a message telling us what you do and let us tell you whether we think we can help.